Podcast #131 — Twitter Concierge Customer Service; London Tube Story

I have a craft beer problem…

This past week in Atlanta Hartfield Airport, when I traveled across four terminals to find a restaurant serving a nice selection of local Atlanta beers, I finally had to admit that I have a craft beer problem. In addition to this confession, I talk about about taking the London Underground back from the big Adele concert in Wembley Stadium. The experience proved out some of the positive stereotypes about the English — queuing well and muddling through without complaining. I talk about hotel room flat screen TVs and using Twitter to quickly get Hertz to fix a mistaken refueling charge. All this and more at the direct link to the podcast file or listening to it right here by clicking on the arrow below.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Long time listener, really enjoy the show.

    Your comments on the Dreamliner were very interesting to me. I’ve flown one long-haul on several occasions, and yes, the windows are fun to play with. But you didn’t have any comments on what I think is the most important attribute. FYI, the 787 isn’t just another “metal tube”, and that’s the whole point. It is constructed from carbon fiber, and can be pressurized to a higher level than most normal passenger jets. As such, the environment inside is at higher air pressure (like being at 6,000′ rather than 10000′ elevation), with a higher level of humidity (air not so dry), and more refreshes. I found it a great plane to fly on a long red-eye! Or any 5+ hour flight.
    I’m looking forward to this fall, when I’m flying one r/t LAX-SYD in UA’s BF cabin (14 hour flight).

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