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Things I’m Recommending Right Now…

In the last podcast episode, I mentioned that I’ve found myself giving out a lot of travel recommendations recently. So rather than limiting them to a 2-barstool radius in...

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Podcast #200 — Wrapping Up the TravelCommons Journey

Finishing 19 years of podcasting where I've been thinking way too much about travel, I indulge in some nostalgia and talk about my personal travel philosophy

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Podcast #199 — Smile for Security: Facial Recognition in Travel

Using my face as my boarding pass to get on a flight to Oaxaca, Mexico and then as my passport to get back in the US got me thinking...

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Podcast #198 — London Vacation Rental Woes; Hertz’s EV Retreat

London's vacation rental market is broken and is no help. Also, Hertz's EV retreat, Sioux City, Iowa embraces their SUX airport code, a flash-in-the-pan airport delay crypto betting...

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One More Top 10 List Of Holiday Travel Tips

Travel volume continues to grow, straining airline capacities and airport aisles — and that’s even before the Christmas travel crush hits. As you mentally prepare yourself to wade into...

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Podcast #197 — Renting a Tesla; 2023 Traveler Gift Guide

It’s the sustainability episode of the TravelCommons podcast, talking about my experience renting a Tesla from Hertz and my road-tested list of Christmas gift suggestions for the frequent traveler(s)...

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