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Podcast #192 — New Year Travel Planning Tips; Gin Conquers the World

Are people going back to their old travel planning ways? Should you book direct with travel providers or use a 3rd-party? Unpacking Southwest's cancellation chaos. Gin goes global with...

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Podcast #191 — My Notes on Italy and Split, Croatia

Comparing long-distance drive times between gas and electric cars, and ChatGPT's travel tips with mine; Talking about another Real ID delay, and my travel notes from Positano, Rome, and...

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How Good Are ChatGPT’s Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips?

Comparing ChatGPT's AI-generated travel tips with my travel tips that are generated by 35 years and a few million miles of road warrior experience

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Podcast #190 — My Travel Tech Stack; Imbibing for Introverts

Tracking lost luggage with AirTags; what's changed in my travel tech stack; talking with Jeff Cioletti, author of the new book "Imbibing for Introverts", about the art of drinking...

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Podcast #189 — Why We Travel; When The First Flight Isn’t Best

Lots of different voices - listeners adding to our list of travel tips, Dr. Sheldon Jacobson on why one of our tips isn't always right, and Patricia Schultz on...

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Podcast #188 — My Top Travel Tips to Survive Airport Chaos

Distilled my travel advice down to the top 13 travel tips to avoid the current chaos. Also, the scrapping of COVID travel test rules and why frequent flier award...

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