Here’s the first TravelCommons podcast. Recorded in the Wardman Park Marriott in Washington, DC, I talk about Hungarian prostitutes, “Puff the Magic Dragon” security portals, and the 5 Boro Bike Ride in New York. Here’s the direct link to the file.

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Here are the shownotes from first TravelCommons podcast:

  • Intro music — Warmth by Makkina
  • A podcast about the first-hand travel experiences of a road warrior
  • Recording in the bathroom of the Wardman Park Marriott in Northwest DC
  • Bad but typical experiences flying from O’Hare to LaGuardia and then LaGuardia to Reagan National
  • Hungarian roadside prostitutes
  • New airport security “sniffer” screening machines
  • New York City’s 5 Boro Bike Ride
  • Direct Link to a cameraphone picture of the ride’s start
  • Feedback at comments[at]
  • Direct link to the show

3 comments on “First TravelCommons Podcast

  1. Meegeekai says:

    Hey – caught you podcast while in Singapore and listened to it coming back over to SFO this morning. Seems we have something in common with the travel format. I started Emptyseat podcast about a couple of months ago. Check out my site at You can get to the blog and podcast from there.

    If you are interensted, maybe we could collaborate on something going forward. Will definitely post your link up on my site this weekend. Podcasting from the road is a ***** and I hope to have my 2nd show up this weekend. Will be focusing on more soundseeing stuff (have a couple of great ones from Hong Kong and Macau this trip).

    Look forward to seeing more from you also, keep up the good works.

  2. Frick says:

    Listened to your first Podcast while waiting out a 4 hour delay at BWI.
    I can relate to the TSA stories. The lady at BWI this afternoon was on a total power trip “You must remove you shoes and jacket” she would announce every few minutes. Yeah lady I know the drill I do this several times a week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mark, loved the podcast. But what I really want to know is what color is the tile in that bathroom?

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