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Podcast #169 — Pandemic Holiday Gift Guide; Year-End Status Offers

No travel since the last episode, so I had some time to think back through my post-lockdown travel and come up with my top 10 gift ideas for your pandemic travelers. We look at the start of the year-end efforts by airlines, hotels, and credit card companies to keep their grounded travelers, unpack the work-from-hotel […]

Podcast #162 — Post-Corona Trip Planning; Keeping a Travel Journal

Early attempts at travel journaling Kinda tough to do a podcast that’s more about the journey than the destination if I’m not “journeying,” but I give it a go. We talk about cyberattacks on frequent flyer accounts now that we don’t have a reason to check them, planning for my first post-pandemic trips, and how […]

Podcast #152 — Overwhelming Travel; New & Old Restaurant Trends

Latest in Sustainable Food Delivery  Moving the TravelCommons studios kept me mostly off the road this month except for a quick trip to Nashville, but staying out of restaurants has helped me finally drop the last bit of Christmas weight. We talk about the “earn and burn” strategy for frequent travel awards; answer a listener’s […]

Podcast #82 – Changing My Travel; New Mileage Programs in a New Year

The way I travel has changed significantly with my New Year’s career change. Moving from consulting to the corporate world, I no longer bounce across the country. Instead, I spend a week in one of my company’s three offices. This has required a bit of an attitude adjustment with regards to travel. The new job […]

Podcast #48 – Frequent Flyer Strategies, Measuring Hotel Bandwidth

Recorded in the Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa near Palm Springs, CA, we talk about a surprise at the rental car lot and some good and bad TSA experiences. My search for frequent flyer seats to South Africa leads to a discussion about how diversifying or concentrating your “deposits” into frequent travel programs yield […]