Podcast #48 – Frequent Flyer Strategies, Measuring Hotel Bandwidth

Recorded in the Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa near Palm Springs, CA, we talk about a surprise at the rental car lot and some good and bad TSA experiences. My search for frequent flyer seats to South Africa leads to a discussion about how diversifying or concentrating your “deposits” into frequent travel programs yield different results. The Travel Tech segment reappears with two topics — measuring differences in hotel bandwidth and some travelers’ love affairs with Bose noise-canceling headsets. Here’s a direct link to the podcast file. 

Here are the show notes from TravelCommons podcast #48:

  • Intro music — Warmth by Makkina
  • Recorded in the Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, CA near Palm Springs
  • Palm Springs Airport reminds me of San Jose and Santa Ana airports before their big renovations
  • A Hertz mistake gave me a convertible Mustang instead of a Buick Lacrosse
  • Direct Link to Ed Vawter’s special election edition of Searching the Internet podcast
  • Bridge Music — Gold and rose by Myles Cochran
  • Monday’s “Middle Seat” travel column in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) airs complaints from travelers who have had their toiletries discarded by overly strict TSA screeners
  • Hilary Baumann tells of her recent TSA experience at Lexington, KY‘s Blue Grass Airport
  • Bridge Music — Ika by Falik
  • Waited a bit long to score some frequent flyer tickets to Cape Town, South Africa for next March
  • Started with American Airlines but they didn’t have the inventory. Ended up with United Airlines, which is in the Star Alliance with South Africa Airways
  • United first offered a “back door” itinerary through Hong Kong and Singapore, but I chose the shorter route through Europe
  • Having diversified my mileage across carriers let me make this switch
  • I give up top tier status on one airline for this diversification strategy
  • Depends on what you want — flexibility to use miles or a better chance at first-class upgrades
  • Bridge Music — Entry by Cargo Cult
  • Been testing the speed of hotel broadband using the Speakeasy Speed Test because it tests both upload and download speeds
  • Upload speed is probably more important to business users e-mailing out big files than it is for residential users
  • The afternoon downloads at the Downtown Houston Courtyard were 10 times faster than those in the evening
  • Bridge Music — Homebound by Jag
  • Lots of love in the airplanes for the Bose noise-cancelling headphones
  • In the trade-off between comfort and compactness, I choose the Bose, but others go for in-ear ‘phones like the Shure E3
  • Closing music — iTunes link to iconPictures of You by Evangeline
  • Bridge music from Magnatune
  • Feedback at comments[at]travelcommons.com, the comment board on podcastalley.com, or right here in the comments section below
  • Direct link to the show

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