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Podcast #188 — My Top Travel Tips to Survive Airport Chaos

Distilled my travel advice down to the top 13 travel tips to avoid the current chaos. Also, the scrapping of COVID travel test rules and why frequent flier award...

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Podcast #187 — Moving to a Non-Hub Airport; What Makes A Great Taproom?

The last episode recording in Chicago before we relocate the TravelCommons studios, and our lives, down to Nashville. We close out our threads on in-flight mask mandates and hotel...

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Podcast #186 — Mask Mandate Scramble; Small Airport Survival

We recap the bouncing ball history of the in-flight mask mandate as we try to figure out where it’s going land now that it’s in the courts. But before...

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Podcast #185 — Notes on Louisville; Changing Mask Mandates

As the great American philosopher Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast” and in this episode, we talk about the rapid changes in hotel service, and in-flight mask...

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Podcast #184 — Figuring Out Stealth Travel Inflation

In the travel world, what goes up -- rules, fees, prices -- often stays up. It's the ratchet effect and it's a theme running through this episode. Inflation is...

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Podcast #183 — COVID Test Anxiety; Michelin Food Adventures

No travel since the last episode, but lots of travel planning. Are we making our way back to pre-COVID travel planning patterns? Omicron has lots of people worried about...

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