Video – One City, Five Hours: Frankfurt

I “sprint toured” Frankfurt using Hemispheres Magazine’s “One City, Five Hours: Frankfurt” article while on a 6-hour layover between Mumbai and Chicago. I shot this on my iPhone 4 and edited it in iMovie on my MacBook Air while flying from Frankfurt to Chicago. My iPhone video inexperience shows — I shot the entire thing in portrait mode.

3 comments on “Video – One City, Five Hours: Frankfurt

  1. Rich Fraser says:

    I had the pleasure of spending 2.5 years in a medium size city north of Frankfurt. Great times.

    Oh yeah. Kunst = art. 😛

  2. Robert says:

    Portrait mode was fine. Even if you’re unlikely to find work as a videographer, your journal was well edited and fun; it give me a much better sense of a city that I only know for its dauntingly long airport corridors peppered with 30′ long moving walkways. I think I had my passport stamped four times on my last visit and I didn’t leave FRA! Although I’ve passed through it many times, I’ve never had the courage to leave the airport on long layovers. Anyway, thanks for giving us a chance to walk beside the intrepid Peacock as you sampled the best and the wurst of the city.

  3. Dave says:

    Great vid…we’re bound for Germany in about 6 months for a 3 year tour. Definitely will keep this on the favorites as seed for a more thorough visit of Frankfurt once we get there. We’ll be living fairly close.
    Incidentally, I did a similar tour of Amsterdam a dozen years or so back. Quick trip to the Westkirche, Anne Frank’s house, and a museum or 2. Although, of all the airports you can be stuck in, Schipol is one of the better ones.

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