Podcast #38 – The Accidental Vacation, Trusting Travel Technology

Recorded in the Huntington Beach, CA Hilton Resort, I’m once again triangulating across northern and southern California. My decision to by a new Saab convertible now has me planning an impromptu vacation to Sweden, a place that has never been on the top of my vacation spots list. Also, some travel stories about people who trust their GPS SatNavs a bit too much. Here’s a direct link to the podcast file.

Here are the show notes from TravelCommons podcast #38:

  • Intro music — Warmth by Makkina
  • Recorded at the Huntington Beach, CA Hilton Resort
  • Triangulating between SF and LA for the second week
  • The 3-hour delay on my United LAX-ORD flight last week has me flying American this week
  • Bridge Music — Get Together by T. Nile
  • David Chapman writes in to correct earlier comments regarding Air New Zealand‘s London-Auckland run via LAX. The Air New Zealand press release can be found here
  • Bridge Music — Bored Out of My Mind by Hans York
  • Have decided to buy a Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible
  • Taking advantage of Saab’s European Delivery Option means an unplanned vacation to Sweden
  • American Airlines did a great job of stitching together a last-minute itinerary with Aadvantage miles
  • Any suggestions on places to which I should drive in my new Saab while in Sweden? Please send me suggestions at comments[at]travelcommons.com
  • Bridge Music — Sacred Place by Gene Loveland
  • Some people seem to trust their GPS SatNav devices more than their own eyes
  • An out-of-sync Hertz NeverLost device caused some delays in Berkeley
  • Udayan Tripathi’s latest Life In London podcast talks about UK drivers heading into rivers at the direction of their SatNavs
  • Bridge music from the Podsafe Music Network
  • Please pass along any suggestions for our 1-year anniversary show
  • Feedback at comments[at]travelcommons.com, the comment board on podcastalley.com, or right here in the comments section below
  • Direct link to the show
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  1. The new design looks nice.

  2. Your story about getting frequeent flyer tickets to Sweden sounded very familiar. I was trying to get business class tickets to and from South Africa and first tried Delta. I got a very bored Delta agent on the line who after searching for a while told me that there was no way. I then tried American next and also got a really friendly helpful agent. My first choice was to fly British Air. That wasn’t possible, but she did find a convoluted routing on Iberia. I then started asking about British Air flights to nearby countries. Instead of getting annoyed, she said” “This is fun! I’m always asked to find tickets to the same destinations and it’s nice to do something different.” She ultimately got me two seats on BA to Lusaka, Zambia, although I still have the convoluted trip back home. It was a really good airline experience. (And by the way, the destinations that she is asked for over and over are London and Australia, and more and more, South Africa.)