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What’s In My Briefcase – 2015?

It’s spring cleaning time, which for me means it’s time to wade through my briefcase. Within every frequent traveler is the desire to carry everything you could possibly need on the road — to make your briefcase into the road warrior version of Batman’s utility belt, letting you amaze your travel companions by pulling out just […]

Travel Tips — Holiday Airport Etiquette

Coming into the holiday travel season, every travel news outlet publishes their top travel tips. Rather than repeat the typical “pack light” and “give yourself extra time” nostrums, I decided to create an advice list of what’s really the problem during holiday travel — airport etiquette. The challenge of holiday travel isn’t necessarily the crowds; […]

Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips

Snow, ice, and cold temperatures have hit North America a lot earlier this year. With the crush of Christmas/New Years travel starting this weekend, here’s the TravelCommons’ top holiday travel tips… Fly Direct — This is the top tip every time I put this list together. Holiday travel stacks up problems —  high passenger load […]

Managing travel itineraries — Digging Deeper into Trip Management Apps

In the last podcast, I did a side-by-side comparison of the free versions of the leading trip management apps. In an article on the Tnooz website, I dug deeper, expanding my comparison to the free and paid versions of TripIt, TripCase, and WorldMate. My conclusions didn’t change much. THE TCRITIC TAKE: TripCase for smartphone only; […]

Podcast #95 — Holiday Travel Tips; Bad Spirit In The Air

Once again skipping the mayhem of the busiest travel week of the year, though it’s getting more difficult as the Thanksgiving travel crush seems to start earlier each year. Good listener comments about last episode’s story of a rare prop plane flight sitting next to a “passenger of size”; then my own thoughts on USAir‘s […]

Podcast #92 — Not-So-Upbeat Traveler; iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Into the summer travel rhythm with a mix of vacation and business travel. Using an Apple iPad 2 and Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet during this mix gave me enough real world experience to make some recommendations. A couple of recent web links describe this podcast as “not as upbeat as others” which […]

Podcast #89 — Trains Over Planes; Fit 2 Weeks in 1 Carry-On

My business-vacation combo trip to London, Paris, and Venice provides the source for most of this episode’s content. Wanting to pack light, I had to figure out how to pack for 10 days, 3 cities, two business meetings and a week’s vacation in a single carry-on bag. After landing in London, I skipped the airports and […]

What’s in My Bag: Traveling Light But Prepared

One of my annual New Year’s travel resolutions is to “unpack and repack my briefcase.” Some people re-do their closets; I do my briefcase.  I’m always amazed at the stuff that accumulates over the year. Why did I think I needed a half-dozen pens, two sets of earphones, $5 of loose change in three different […]

Winter Travel Tips — Things to Remember When The Snow Starts Flying

Last week’s winter storms in the Northeast and the South resulted in 70 percent of the US being covered in snow — shutting down airports across the region, canceling thousands of flights and trains.  So it seems like a good time to recap some of the travel tips we’ve covered in past episodes of TravelCommons. […]

Podcast #81 – More Travel Tips; Up in The Air; Security Stories

Coming to you today from the TravelCommons studios outside of Chicago. In this episode, listeners add to our list of “Road Warrior 201″ tips for this holiday travel season, I give my impressions of the new George Clooney movie Up in the Air,and gather up some stories about airport security into a Jeopardy-like topic I […]