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Podcast #168 — Surviving Quarantine Theater; Traveling for Food

Trying to recover from a long weekend of eating and drinking through the neighborhoods of South Philly. Our movable feast reminded me that food may be the one experience of a place left that can’t be easily exported and bought on-line. We talk about the FBI’s cybersecurity warning to work-from-home types using hotels for getaway […]

Podcast #71 – Winter Travel, Last Year’s Travel, Tatty United

Recorded in the TravelCommons studios outside of Chicago, back doing my thing to support the travel industry with lots of travel in January. We talk about some recent TSA observations, good and bad; my latest spin of the “travel roulette” wheel, trading the plane for a train in an East Coast snow storm; a look […]

Podcast #68 – Advanced Travel Tips; Colors of Autumn

Recorded in the Philadelphia Marriott after a hectic travel month with two trips to Europe and a bunch of travel up and down the US East Coast.  In this episode, I talk about a bit of multi-modal travel — some planes, trains, and automobile trips.  We have a trio of stories about playing “travel roulette” […]

Podcast #57 – Making Time for Local Fare; What’s Standing in the Way of Fixing Our Airports

Recorded in the TravelCommons studio outside Chicago, I’ve been bi-coastal since the last episode, bouncing between New York and San Francisco. A side trip down to Philadelphia yields a great street-food breakfast when I take the time to walk outside my hotel. Delays in my flights between O’Hare and LaGuardia airports cause me to dig […]