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Podcast #135 — Airport Bingo; My New Old Travel PC

Here’s something to listen to while in the Thanksgiving airport lines and traffic jams. We list out some of the squares we’d like to see in an airport bingo card, and I end up going back to the future with my new travel PC. We also talk about my growing stack of subway “tap” cards […]

Podcast #87 — Sick on the Road; What’s in My Briefcase?

I skipped the Midwest’s “snow-pocalypse” by flying to Phoenix where it was unseasonably cold — in the 20’s and 30’s F — but without snow. It’s been a cold winter and I came down with some nasty bug while visiting Dallas, which reminded me how miserable it is to be sick while traveling. Before my […]

Podcast #86 — Fun with Layovers; Story Behind the Closing Tune

Finishing up the year in front of a warm fire in the TravelCommons studios outside of Chicago after a couple of warm-up trips to Phoenix.  I carved myself out an mini-vacation during one of the trips and worked at the summit of Squaw Peak for part of an afternoon. My MacBook Air — my perfect […]

Podcast #85 — Importance of Hotel Bathrooms; Maximizing Miles

Safely hunkered down in the TravelCommons studios during the busiest US travel week of the year, I don’t know how I can call this a travel podcast if we don’t talk about the TSA‘s “junk touching” patdowns.  The general traveling public is finally catching up with the frequent traveler set.  The TSA’s claim that it’s […]

Two Weeks with a MacBook Air

I’ve been working with my 11-inch MacBook Air for two weeks — time to walk through my initial impressions. First, though, it’s important that I lay out what in technology-land is called my use case — what I need my MacBook Air to do. If you don’t understand my expectations, my conclusions might not make […]