Podcast #193 — Making the Most of Miles; Nashville vs Nash-Vegas

Weather delay bar tab got me rethinking the economics of airport lounge memberships. Continuing to plan travel but focusing on making the most of the miles we accumulated on credit cards during the pandemic. And comparing Nashville’s music scene: Nash-Vegas honky tonks vs the smaller, eclectic off-Broadway scene.

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Podcast #142 — Sleeping in Business Class; Changes from Chinese Tourists

Yet another last-minute long-distance trip, this time to Frankfurt, Germany, lets me check out United Airlines’ new business class service, and think again about the value for those expensive lie-flat seats. Seeing a new Chinese menu at a favorite wurst stand in the old part of Frankfurt reminds me of the changes driven by the…

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What’s the Value of Business Class… to the Passenger?

The International Air Transport Association reported earlier this month that premium ticket purchases fell 21% globally in February — which follows January’s decline of 16.7%.  Part of the drop is due to falling air traffic, but a good bit of it is from tighter corporate travel policies that are pushing mid-level executives to the back of…

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