Reagan National Airport

Podcast #156 — Airport Satisfaction; eScooters; Smaller Luggage

This Won’t Help Your Flier Sat Score In this episode, we talk with Michael Taylor, author of JD Power’s 2019 Airport Satisfaction Survey, about what keeps fliers happy. I also talk about what I like about eScooters, shopping for a smaller bag for upcoming flights on a Euro budget airline, and how Hertz’s contract updates…

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Podcast #58 – Who Raves About Their Airline; Powering Up in Airports

Recorded in the Gaithersburg, MD Marriott outside Washington, DC at the end of an intense week of travel that had me flying from the East Coast to the West Coast and then back east again… on four different airlines. With many airlines’ plummeting customer satisfaction scores, we ask the question “Who raves about their airline?”…

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