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Podcast #145 — Restaurant Karma; Hotel Breakfasts

Just regular domestic business travel since the last podcast, trying to dodge Hurricane Florence to get back to Charlottesville.  Thinking back to last month’s European travels, we talk about a tight connection through Amsterdam and some odd concierge lounge rules, which gets me thinking about hotel breakfasts. And a listener request for restaurant recommendations gets […]

Podcast #118 — Danger In the Travel Bubble; Switching Back to Apple

A bit less of a random walk than the last episode, we talk about safety, physical safety, when traveling. While we sometimes put ourselves in the midst of dodgy surroundings, we usually feel safe when we retreat back into the “travel bubble” What about when the bubble is no longer safe? Smartphones are the frequent […]

iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 — Hands-On Impressions

I walked out of the Google I/O developers conference in May with a pre-release version of Samsung‘s challenger to the iPad — the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Rather than put it up for sale on eBay like many attendees, I decided to take it on the road with me.  I’ve been traveling the last two months […]

Podcast #92 — Not-So-Upbeat Traveler; iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Into the summer travel rhythm with a mix of vacation and business travel. Using an Apple iPad 2 and Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet during this mix gave me enough real world experience to make some recommendations. A couple of recent web links describe this podcast as “not as upbeat as others” which […]

IPad vs. Netbook — First Impressions

Last week, I swapped my standard corporate-issue Dell Latitude E6400 laptop for an HP Mini 5102 netbook and an Apple Wi-Fi + 3G iPad. After a week’s trip to Scottsdale with my lighter (by 1.4 lbs) briefcase, I found myself liking both devices, but for very different reasons…