Video – Chicago MDW Layover Taproom Tour

With a bit of forethought, a 4-5 hour layover allows you to do a quick flyby of a new city’s highlights, or get deep into some part of a city. In this video, we’re laying over at Midway, Chicago’s older, less-known airport and one of Southwest’s busiest stations, skipping the usual tourist spots and instead for what can only be described as the “post-industrial” landscape of Chicago’s near South Side for a tour of 4 craft beer taprooms — Lagunitas Brewing, Lo Rez Brewing, Marz Community Brewing, and Whiner Beer

3 comments on “Video – Chicago MDW Layover Taproom Tour

  1. Rob Cheshire says:

    Thanks Mark! I will definitely build a visit to Marz and Lo-rez into my schedule for my August trip to Chicago. I am undecided about Whiner, which my be a bit too “European” in terms of beer styles for my tastes.

    I am a bit conflicted about Lagunitas, being part of the evil-Heineken Empire! I have no doubt that they have some great beers, and that the tasting room is a very cool spot.

    There are so many awesome independent craft breweries these days, that I feel I can safely boycott anything owned by the Macros, and not be missing out too much.

    Here in the UK, we have seen a couple of major sellouts in recent weeks, with Beavertown and Fourpure selling their souls to Heineken and Lion Brands respectively.

    Both will no doubt continue to make great beers, but I will choose to avoid them, unless I find myself in a venue where I have no independent craft beers to select from.

    1. mark says:

      Understand the points. My first visit to Lagunitas was to their original Petaluma brewery, pre-Chicago, and pre-Heineken, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them. Same for Goose Island. Was a regular at the brew pub when it first opened.

      On a Southside tour, you could sub in Moody Tongue (, a couple of block walk (in daylight, with a group) from Lo Rez. Interesting “culinary brewing” approach. Nice taproom, complete with reasonably priced oysters and a great chocolate cake.

  2. Rob Cheshire says:

    Thanks Mark. I also have my eye on Vice District Brewing and Motor Row Brewing, all possibly do-able along with Marz, Lo-rez and Moody Tongue on a grand tour of the near Southside and Lower Westside!

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